InSiteis a utility infrastructure visualization, management, and analytics service designed to solve many of the problems that often arise with traditional paper plans. With InSite, your entire network of utilities and other infrastructure assets will appear in an easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate digital format that can be used in maintenance and operations, construction planning and design, emergency preparedness, and financial and executive management. Here are some of the many benefits of InSite:

Single source of truth

Saves time when plan sets and other documents in the plan room have conflicting data about locations of services.

Better source of truth

Saves time on wild goose chases. Because plans have been field verified by surface inspection (and subsequently with any new data), InSite represents the best available data and makes the plan room obsolete with outdated information.

Identify high-risk information gaps

The plan sets, documents, and data that facility owners and managers rely on for design, construction, and maintenance decisions may be incomplete, inaccurate, or even nonexistent. Assuming the infrastructure is completely mapped on the as-builts/record sets when it is not may give contractors and staff a false sense of confidence when breaking ground, subjecting them to potential danger to life and property. We identify said gaps and suggest a plan to address the missing information

Preserve “institutional knowledge”

Key personnel or project team members who are retiring, changing jobs, or otherwise moving on have significant knowledge about their facility. That information may not be well documented or available to others who need it to keep the facility operating at a peak level. InSite is that central repository where institutional knowledge can finally be captured and made available accordingly.

Loss prevention of plans, specs, maps

Facilities that “loan” documents to contractors or crews risk losing the data altogether. Same for fire, flooding, deterioration or other loss risks. That would be a formidable loss.

No expert needed

Saves time and resources when administrators have a question about the utilities because they don’t have to get an expert to either dig out the plans from the plan room or navigate through their complex GIS system.

Less dependent on resident experts

Saves time when key personnel are not available at the facility and immediate utility knowledge is required.

Single Pane of Glass

All of the underground utility data can be surfaced on a single screen of a laptop, tablet, or phone. This is far simpler than digging through a plan room to try to find the correct documents.

Reduced liability

In the event of an emergency, the owner can respond quickly to maximize safety and minimize damage or injury.


With InSite’s utility recovery plan, the facility can get back on its feet as quickly as possible.

Minimize business interruption

When necessary, close only the bare minimum on the facility, not the entire facility.

Reduced hazard risk

Be aware of asbestos used in underground infrastructure applications to minimize exposure.

Multi-user access

No delay for anyone if another party “checks out” a drawing or plan and it isn’t available in the plan room.

Maintenance crew training

When changing personnel, knowledge transfer can occur quickly, saving hundreds of hours.

Improved replacement-cost data

Know time-based replacement cost for utility infrastructure.

Prioritize update and upgrade projects

Identify location, nature, and replacement cost of segments that are overdue for replacement based on industry standard materials life expectancy, and inform focused assessment for project and budget planning.