What We Do

UndergroundGIS is a provider of innovative GIS-based SaaS solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency, while delivering high ROI to owners, operators, and/or managers of multi-acre, multi-structure facilities, including commercial properties, educational campuses, correctional facilities, municipalities, and more.

Our InSite Virtual Campus product is a mapping, visualization, analytics, and reporting platform that enables our clients to see the location, extent, and value of their entire facility infrastructure. We solve the chaos, inefficiencies, and information gaps associated with traditional plan rooms by converting all of a facility’s existing plan sets into digital files and layers that can be viewed and manipulated via a dynamic, easy-to-use software platform accessible by multiple users simultaneously.

Our History

UndergroundGIS was borne out of CSW|ST2, a well-respected private civil engineering firms that has been in operation since 1954. In 2012, CSW|ST2 created Landmark – the predecessor to InSite – a software solution designed to help the firm better serve and deliver more value to its clients. The strong reception of Landmark by early adopters convinced the CSW|ST2 management that Landmark deserved special attention.

In January 2015, UndergroundGIS was formed to focus on enhancing the software and evolving the business model to include a diverse portfolio of clients. Landmark eventually became InSite, but UndergroundGIS remembers and retains its strong engineering roots and a commensurate rigor in all that we do. We are devoted to making InSite the standard in utility infrastructure mapping and management.